Ajman Business Women Council

About the Council

Ajman Business Women Council is a non-profit council that falls within the umbrella of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It established in 2005 to include business women in the Emirate of Ajman.



Advancing the role of women, empowering, and motivating to become partners in the development process



Encouraging and supporting women to enter the labor market, supporting their initiatives, investments and projects, and adopting their ideas and motivating them to enter the fields of self-employment inside and outside UAE.



  • To overcome the difficulties that women may face in the commercial, industrial and service businesses.
  • Organizing various activities and programs that meet the economic needs of woman.
  • Close the ties of businesswomen with national and international companies and organizations.
  • Launching initiatives and holding workshops and seminars to support business women activities.
  • Enhancing cooperation between Ajman businesswomen and strengthening ties with women's councils inside and outside UAE.


Board Committees:

  • National, regional and international relations committee.
  • Conference Committee.
  • Media Committee.
  • Program and Training Committee.
  • Events and activities. Committee



Ajman Business Women Council provides three types of membership:

Premium Membership: A membership whose owner is required to have a commercial license.
Effective Membership: This type of membership does not require a commercial license or special business management.
Active Membership: Its owner is not required to have a commercial license.

You can contact us or visit us to learn more about the advantages of each type of membership.


Bedayat Certificate:

It is a certificate exempt from fees for a period of three years, in coordination with the Municipality and Planning Department.
Its goal is to support female business owners and professions in homes to start their various projects, such as beauty salons, home restaurants, and advertising, in addition to organizing weddings, exhibitions, festivals, fun games, smoke and perfumes.


Ajman businesswomen can join the council membership according to the following:

  • Professional women who are UAE nationals.
  • Academic women who are UAE nationals.
  • Businesswomen who are UAE nationals and residents of the Emirate of Ajman.
  • Entrant businesswomen, provided they reside in the Emirate of Ajman.
  • Any applicant who is exceptionally approved by Board Members.
  • Companies and individuals are entitled to benefits and facilities for working membership.
  • Honorary Membership: The Board Members grants honorary membership to any distinguished personality, subject to the approval of the absolute majority.
  • The Chairman of Ajman Chamber appoints the Board Members of Ajman Business Women Council every 3 years.


Contact Us:

Phone: 0097167445566
Fax: 0097167445556

For complaints and suggestions:


POBox: 662 Ajman - United Arab Emirates.

Work Hours: 7:30 AM to 2:15 PM from Sunday to Thursday.