Chamber Membership


Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to welcome all its members, confirming its constant concern to simplify the procedures for joining and fast completion of transactions, by investing in advanced technology, enhancing the efficiency of cadres and applying leading international experiences.

Membership Privileges:

Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry has worked on preparing a guide for membership privileges, with the aim of informing members of the benefits and services that they can obtain, and the resulting savings of time and effort, and an increase in opportunities for success

These privileges divided into 5 types:


  • Legislative and legal privileges.
  • Privileges for developing intra-institutional commerce.
  • Information access privileges.
  • Privileges of appreciation, support and motivation of members.
  • Privileges for developing the workers skills in the Chamber's member institutions.


You can learn about membership privileges by visiting the following link - Membership Privileges