Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Shawwāl , 12 , 1441
Service of Certificates of Origin
Services of Membership and Certificates of Origin

Our Vision
To promote the distinguished image of the Chamber and support its leadership.

Our Mission
To increase and retain our members through satisfying their requirements , managing their affairs professionally , and providing them with high quality services.

The Strategic Objectives of the Membership & Transactions Department

  • Enhancing the services rendered to the customers and increasing them at a 20% rate .
  • Upgrading customers' satisfaction score to 85%.
  • Automation of Chamber's operations and services.
  • Application of the corporate excellence criteria through upgrading and enhancing work and operations systems of the Department .

Overview on Membership & Transactions Department

Membership & Transactions Department is one the substantial departments of the Chamber, due to the major functions it is performing such as attestations , issuing certificates of origin and commercial register, along with issuance of the trade name and membership certificates. Also , it is the administrative body concerned with managing the members’ affairs as well as their transactions, and it is the main economic and transactional interface of customers by virtue of its direct relationship with the customers through the Service Providing Centers, and for being an important source of the Chamber’s financial revenues as well.

Membership & Transactions Department assumes the issue of the membership certificates, trade names , commercial registers, certificates of origin, as well as attesting the accounting books, documents submitted by the members, and the authenticity of the members’ signatures, in addition to issuing and attesting certificates issued to whom it may concern.

Membership & Transactions Department , does also collect and deposit the prescribed fees , and work in such a way to simplify the procedures in order to gain the members’ satisfaction.

Membership & Transactions Department has three main sections namely ; Attestation & Certificates of origin Section , Membership Section , and Service Centers Follow-up section.

The main functions of the Department are

  • Registering new members, including commercial & professional companies and establishments operating in the Emirate of Ajman, as well as entering the same in the Chamber’s registers as per their legal classification and kind of business activity they are practicing , in addition to issuing and renewing their membership in the Chamber.
  • Executing all procedures in respect of issuing the commercial register, trade name, membership certificates, and collect all fees thereof, attesting accounting books and documents submitted by the members after checking them and ensuring their accuracy , attesting the authenticity of the members' signatures, as well as the certificates or origin.
  • Coordinating with the competent governmental departments for integrating with them, standardizing forms , as well as simplifying procedures of economic licenses, registers, and certificates of origin.
  • Giving suggestions to open new branches for providing services.
  • Coordinating with the top management of the Chamber, along with the various departments for the purpose of using electronic & technical means in order to facilitate and accelerate customers' procedures.
  • Responding to the inquiries addressed to the Chamber regarding certificates of origin, registration, and membership.
  • Filing membership files for easy reference to the information included therein .

The Membership And Transactions Affairs Department is so keen to provide the best services for the chamber members through its various services . The Registration &Membership Department at the chamber registers and renews the membership, the certificates of origin , while the Attestations Department issues certificates of origin, certifies the commercial invoices and attests the documents related to the commercial local and foreign transactions submitted by members and local departments.

  • Registration and membership for the members and private sector institutions.
  • Attesting the transactions of the private sector such as attesting the certificates of origin, invoices and commercial agencies etc.
  • Issuing certificates for companies and businessmen whether inside the country or broad.
  • Communicating and coordinating with the other departments to facilitate processing the transactions of the businessmen .