Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
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How to apply for online COO
How to apply for certificate of origin online
  1. Go to Ajman chamber website www.ajmanchamber.ae.
  2. Drill down to Login Area.
  3. Provide username & password, which you have received at the time of registration for online services through email.
  4. After input username & password press login button.
  5. After successful login you will get Member Dashboard and also member area will be activated for you.
  6. For the creation of New Certificate of Origin click on Request New COO on the dash board links on the top OR click on the Certificate of Origin link in the Member Area.
  7. On Certificate of Origin (COO) page, here you can manage your all Certificate of origin Request.
  8. Click on new Certificate of Origin  request.
  9. In the Certificate Language the first option of the new COO is selecting language, if you request COO through English Language you will get English COO printed or if you request new COO through the Arabic Language you will get Arabic COO printed.
  10. In Consignee Details Section provide consignee information.
  11. In Invoice Detail Section write your invoice details.
  12. In Goods Description you have to select the product/goods from the item list and write down the amount of that good, Make sure that the total amount of the invoice should be equal to the amount of goods description area.
  13. In Country of Origin Section Select Country of Origin of Products, you have to select countries from the list which are origin of your goods.
  14. Give any Remarks if you have, on remarks section of the COO.
  15. After filling all the fields press submit button on the bottom of the page.
  16. Now Ajman Chamber received your request for the COO.
  17. You will be notice either your request has been approved or reject through manage COO status.
  18. You will get reference number related to your request so bring your reference number and original Invoice with you.
  19. Ajman Chamber Staff will provide you COO as per your request.


  • All the fields which is marked (*) are compulsory to fill.
  • If you unable to find any Country, Currency, Product in the list than call customer support for further help by dialing 600595959.
  • Payment will be cash on the counter in chamber​