Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
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E-Services Guideline
Ajman Chamber E-Services Guide


Name of the ServiceDescriptionRequirementsService's Fees
Online Certificate of Origin

(the same as the traditional COO) It is a certificated issued by Ajman Chamber in order to export items locally or internationally, and it depends on the bill provided by the company.

The online request can be done through the company itself by filling the ONLINE COO form

  1. Create an online account for the company by:

-Filling the form of online Application which requires:

- Passport photocopy

-License Photocopy

-National ID Photocopy.

-Authorized letter from the company.

-Photocopy of the authorized person National ID.

Click Here to see the pricelist.
Smart Mediation It is one of the services provided by the chamber for its members in which they help them solving their commercial disputes via different ways which are flexible, fair, and friendly to guarantee the satisfaction of both disputed parties and work on keeping their commercial bonds. Attach a photocopy of the economic license with the online form or manually, along with all the documents related to the dispute.

200 Dirhams for nonmembers.

100 Dirhams for members


Along with extra percentage in case the dispute was resolved , in which

Complainant pay 1% of the value of the dispute for the chamber if they are a member, and 2% if they are a nonmember of the chamber.

E-Commerce gate with Alibaba

E-commerce gate with Ali baba

Connect with millions of Business partner and access billions of USD Opportunities


Dubai Chamber and Alibaba.com exclusive MENA partnership offers you exposure to global markets and unique opportunity to grow your trade.


Our Exclusive Benefits:

- e-Commerce Memberships:

Upgrade your account to "Verfied Membership"

- Be labeled as a reliable and a trustworthy e-trader through Dubai Chamber "Trusted Member" Label

-Create your online catalogue free of charge

-Be part of MENA's e-Commerce Club

-Learn through the Knowledge Center

-Enjoy Local Customer Support

-Attend e-Commerce training programs.


e-Commerce memberships are now open online through www.dubaichamber.com/alibaba

You have to be a member in one of the UAE chambers.

1000 Dirham for the registration of Ajman Chamber members


Online  Information RequestIt is a service provided by the chamber in collaboration with follow-up service office and the statics and studies department via the web. Customers will be able to request information such as: User companies and factories in Ajman, license data, and other statistics relating to trade and industry in Ajman.

1-      Customers will apply for information requests via web.

2-      Customer will fill the required the application with attaching the needed files which are:

  • Copy from their National ID or Passport
  • E-mail Address.

3-      Customer is supposed to pay in advance 100 Dhs. Via different options such as credit card, E-Dirham, Bank transfer or exchange offices.

4-      Ajman chamber will look into the request and provide the needed information for the customer.

100 Dhs. For each information request.
Advertisements on the Chamber's website.Customers will have the choice to use chosen space on Ajman Chamber to advertise.

1-Apply through website for the advertisement & select the specification

2-E-services department will get back and communicate with customer for the approval

3-After the approval, customer can pay by cash or e-Payment and receive hard copy or electronic receipt of the payment.

Ad publishes within given duration

To advertise for one week (90 Dhs.)

To advertise for one month (360 Dhs.)


E-Dirham an easy and safe method of electronic payment and collection of revenue for both government and non-government fees.

Through the latest technologies e-Dirham offers world-class secure and effective payment & collection schemes. The e-Dirham G2 system ensures the best coverage, making it an integral electronic payment system in the United Arab Emirates.

No requirements

Blue Al Haslah Card: 7 Dhs.

Red Al Haslah Card: 6 Dhs.