Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Shawwāl , 12 , 1441
Vision And Mission

Strategic plan

Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry



In its efforts to improve the strategic plan, Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, through all its various projects and activities, has sought to make Ajman a competitive economic destination for investors, also sought to developing of the business sector, in particular the trademark and franchise sector. Above all it supports the stability and continuity of the business sector through providing excellent services beside the legal services and awareness.

Ajman Chamber has come a long way in the field of electronic transformation of the provided services through the electronic and smart applications and it’s continues improving of the procedures.

Through its strategic direction, the Chamber seeks to launch a strategic plan outlining its future destination by building on three key strategic objectives, we will all strive to achieve them through our vision and mission.


Chamber’s Strategic Objectives

1. Supporting business sector continuity in the Emirate of Ajman

2. Promote investment opportunities and support business community members

3. Stimulating community Corporate Social Responsibility practices in the business sector


A growing and sustainable business community that keeps pace with the future


Contribute to the achievement of Ajman vision in cooperation with our partners in supporting and minding the interests of the members and their continuity, and creating a optimistic business environment for the development of investing trade, industry and social responsible business sector

Corporate Values

 Leadership and innovation

Happiness and positivity

Cognitive development

The spirit of the one team