Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Shawwāl , 12 , 1441
Social responsibility
Social Responsibility


Keen Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry to consolidate the economic status of the emirate and to highlight the commercial, industrial and agricultural potential based strategy to spread awareness of the principles of social responsibility in the business community and to create an atmosphere of free competition and a reminder operating in the emirate companies of their obligations towards the society in which they operate, where Anmvhom responsibility Almojtmaahmbena on the participation of the private sector in Amlahaltnumeih and Adaajph towards society.

The application of social responsibility in Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmation of the strategy Ajman mind and an integral part of the sustainability of the public and private sector institutions, as one of the pillars of the community development also comes through the consolidation of its culture and principles among the business community, which enhances the competitiveness of the community in the emirate of Ajman.


During the past few years has paid the room great importance of community responsibility where believes Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the responsibility for social partnership is a key element and the substrate Head do Jhodakberh to impact positively on the UAE society on a large scale through the implementation of various business strategies . Faqamt the implementation of many of the initiatives in this aspect and care of many of the activities and events organized by private institutions and departments that sponsor volunteer and humanitarian work.

We are all responsible.

Serves as a socially responsible commitments to stakeholders.

First, the members of the Chamber

Room provide equal services and neutralized all members of the chamber, in terms of transparency, governance and sustainability.

Second: the workers.

Chamber is committed to developing a workforce able to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and the ability to serve the Emirate of Ajman.

Third: the community:

Chamber is committed to participate in the local and foreign community development through sustainable vision of the room.

Fourth: the environment:

Chamber is committed to minimizing the Altathirangar Alaijaahlnchataedaúha on the environment, and reducing the impact on climate change, and to do at the same time strengthening the positive effects.

Fifth: the workplace.

Ajman Chamber is committed to provide a safe place for their employees and work properly, and to provide a work environment free of discrimination, harassment or any personal behavior incompatible with the fruitful work environment

VI Partners.

Chamber is committed to choosing partners with honesty and integrity to serve the strategic goals, and is committed to respecting the ethics of dealing, with an aura of transparency and clarity in dealing

Seventh: suppliers

Chamber is committed to purchasing all equipment and requirements on the bases of quality, and treating the suppliers and contractors fairly, impartially without any discrimination.