Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
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Partners Management System
Partner Management System

Brief review about partnerships management system

What any institution can do alone is very limited if not accompanied by partnership relations with external parties who are able to provide support and expertise and advice to the first party. Therefore Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry attaches crucial importance to the theme of partnership and the signing of strategic partnerships that will contribute to facilitate the work of the chamber and enable it to achieve its mission.

The management of the partnership is the process of establishing and ensuring the continuation of a constructive and productive relations, consistent with partners. It requires the allocation of time and resources needed to maintain the existing partnership and communicate regularly with partners, and to enable all parties to track the functioning of the partnership.

Such a system of management of the Partnership

  • Facilitate the process of managing partnerships signed between Ajman Chamber and between the various partners that will allow the system.
  • the selection of partners in line with the vision of the chamber  and its mission and its strategic plan, consistent with the aims of its lined objectives. The system will also allow.
  • Tracking the implementation of partnerships signed provisions , and the extent to which each party is abided to its obligations and undertakings entrusted to it, and respect for agreements and memorandums of understanding to the missions  of the partners and their strategic goals.

Partnership management system is designed to

  • Investing in the stronger points in the exchange to overcome the weaknesses.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Exchange of experiences, skills and competencies.
  • Raise the level of efficiency and productivity.

The application of management of the Partnership system

Management system applies to all categories of partners with Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry , which include.

  • The federal government.
  • Departments of Ajman.
  • Local departments in the state.
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  • Customers, members and investors.
  • Consulates and embassies and foreign business councils.
  • Institutions involved in the community and the environment, training, education and health.

Areas of partnership with Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Contribute to community service.
  • Implementation of joint projects.
  • Provide common services.
  • Sharing in the provision of training.
  • Participation in the exchange of information.
  • Implementation of joint activities.
  • Participation in the resources.
  • Partnership and Cooperation Agreements.​​