Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
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Licenses in Ajman
Licenses in Ajman

Defining Companies

Defining CompaniesBack

Joint Liability Company
To be constituted from two partners and more.
All partners shall be from the national of the United Arab Emirates.
The Partners shall be liable in their own funds and properties in regard to the company's liabilities and no agreement shall be applied otherwise.
The bankruptcy of the company shall lead to the bankruptcy of all the partners.

Simple commanding Companies
the company may be constituted from two partners or more.
Partners are in two categories.
Joint Liability Company category forms form nationals who shall be jointly liable in all their funds and properties for the Company's liability.
Category of one partner or partners in partnership companies shall only be liable within the limit of their shares in the capital.
All partners in the partnership companies shall be nationals from the United Arab Emirates and their share in the company's capital shall not be less than 51%.

Limited Liability Company
The capital of this Company shall not be less than Dhs 150.000- divided into equal negotiable shares and any amount of the same shall not be less than Dirhams One Thousand.
The partners shall not be less than two, nor exceed fifty partners.
The partners shall not be liable for the company's liability other than in proportion to their shares in the capital.
The UAE nationals share not be less than 51% of the total shares.

Services Agent
The national should be belong to Emirates of Ajman (holding a Passport issued through the Emirate of Ajman ).
The owner of license (non-national ) shall be liable to meet all liabilities pertaining the establishment towards the others.
The national shall not meet any liabilities arising in the name of the establishment or due to the conduct of the owner of the license.
For commercial license the license shall be one person while for the professional licenses he may share with other person (s) as works Company. This system includes many activities