Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Wednesday , 03/06/2020
Shawwāl , 12 , 1441
Application Requirements
Registration Requirements for Applications of Arbitration
  1. Filling out application form for arbitration.
  2. Copies of contract, receipts and the case related documents as to the number of the Respondents + additional copy for the Center (the original documents must be provided for verification purpose and shall be returned to the concerned parties).
  3. Copy of valid ID for the related person/persons (owner (s) of the property subject of dispute).
  4. Valid power of attorney by the concerned person, where the applicant (the requester) is not the true concerned person.
  5. Plaint of case signed by the Claimant, which includes his/her/it defenses and demands.
  6. Payment of non-refundable registration fees of Dh. 500.  


  • The contract, subject of dispute, shall be dully signed by the parties thereto.
  • Where the contract, subject of dispute, provided for amicable solution or negotiation between the parties before resorting to arbitration, the requester of arbitration shall provide a proof of fulfillment of such clause (any documents, notifications or correspondence evidence the endeavor of amicable solution by the party requesting arbitration before approaching the Center).
  • The party that requests arbitration shall have their name placed in the application form consistent with the name written in the contract subject of dispute (in the event of several parties, the applicant shall include all of their names as set forth in the contract.
  • Translation of contract is only required where the arbitration clause provided for another language of procedures other than contract language, otherwise, the subject of contract translation shall be based on the arbitrator’s desecration in the preliminary hearing. ​​​