Monday , 30/03/2020
Monday , 30/03/2020
Shaʿbān , 6 , 1441
About the Center
About the Center
Brief on the Center

As the senior management believes in the role of arbitration as a vital strategy that support the role of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as boosting its capabilities in financial crisis management, dealing with the issues of international trade and business community, the senior management, represented in the Director General of the Chamber, initiated the concept of establishing an arbitration center and brought it before the esteemed Executive Council of the Emirate that approved the con​cept, followed by the Amiri Decree No. (6) Of 2004 issued by H.H. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nu’aimi, member of the supreme council and ruler of Ajman, under the umbrella of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Having been established so; the Center plays a leading role in supporting the commercial activity, protecting the interest of business community through dispute settlement by way of conciliation, in addition to its efforts in raising awareness and publicizes both arbitration and alternative means of disputes’ settlement, which is carried out through a range of training programs, seminars, sessions and specialized legal conferences with support of its partners from relevant institutions in the filed of commercial arbitration, rehabilitation and legal training, in collaboration with different experiences and competencies proven in this field.

Vision, Mission and Objective

Vision Regional and international leadership in the field of commercial disputes settlement.

Mission To promote and develop the services of the center in accordance with the best accepted practices in international organizations of arbitration by adopting the best mechanisms and methods in the filed of disputes settlement.


  1. To provide flexible and unbiased mechanisms to settle and resolve the disputes easily and cost effectively.
  2. Concluding partnerships with the local and international bodies and institutions engaging in the field of arbitration in order to prepare elite qualified arbitrators in the field of international arbitration.
  3. Promoting the culture of arbitration among legalists and businessmen through holding and conducting such training seminars and courses.

Location of the Center

The Center is located in the main building of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in which the Center management committee holds their hearings, as well as the committees formed to consider and finalize the cases for which Ajman Chamber has allocated certain halls for this purpose.

The Center conducts its mission impartially and independently without interference from the board of the Chamber or any senior official therein.

The Center committee is committed, as well as its General Secretariat, each conciliation or arbitration tribunal formed by the Center to resolve disputes brought before it, to utter impartiality and equality between the parties to disputes in order to arrive at decisive and fair decision concerning the disputes at hand, in accordance with dully accepted means of proof and in line with the rules of justice and equity established in the country’s constitution and legislation in force.

Organizational Structure


a) Management Committee of the Center

The Center is managed by a committee presided by the Chairman of the Chamber and membership of four persons qualified and expertise in the field of law and arbitration. The committee members are elected by the Chamber Board of Directors to serve for tenure of renewable three years.

The current committee consists of the following members
HE. Abdullah Ahmed Al Moejee, (Chairman of the Chamber) Committee Chairman
Lawyer: Mohammed Rashid Al Swaidi Vice-Chairman
Dr. Fawzi Mohammed Sami Member
Dr. Osama Al Nashif Member
Dr. Ali Al Hadeethi Member

This committee is the caretaker of the Center in accordance with the powers and prerogatives assigned to it. On the whole, the committee’s duties summarized in finalizing the financial and administrative affairs, setting up the lists of conciliators, arbitrators and experts in different specializations, selecting arbitrators and conciliators for the cases before it, suggesting the fees list of arbitration and conciliation as well as the fees list of conciliators and arbitrators and development of by-laws to execute the provisions of Amiri Decree No. (6) Of 2004 concerning Ajman Center for Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration.

b) General Secretariat of the Center

The Legal Services Department of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the committee of the Center in performing its duties, whereby assuming the responsibilities of Secretariat of the Center, such as case registration, completion of initial procedures thereof, such as correspondence, notifications and follow up with concerned parties and bodies.

In addition, the Legal Services Department provides management services and secretariat means for arbitration tribunals being formed by the committee of the Center. The Head of Legal Services Department in Ajman Chamber, ex officio, is the Secretary General of the Center as set fourth in the system of the Center.​