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Photography Course for Ajman Businesswomen

Publish Date : 5/20/2012 12:00:00 AM

Ajman Businesswomen Council, affiliated to Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry , organized a training course under the title “ Photography” . The course was lectured by the photographer Aisha Khalifa Al Hosani with 10 members of the council participating at the course . The course was divided into two parts theoretical and practical.

For the theoretical part of the course , Al Hosani addressed a number of topics related to photography. At the beginning she spoke about the history of photography, and then touched the basics on the subject of selecting a camera, and later she displayed the first images in the world of photography.

Later Al Hosani addressed the topic of the different types of cameras , pointing out that there are film cameras and other digital cameras .Then she defined some terminology of the world of photography, including those related to the parts of the camera. She also mentioned types of photography such as night photography, sports photography, abstract photography and portrait photography and many other types.

In application to what has been taught during the theoretical part of the course Al Hosani accompanied the participants to Ajman beach to train them on how to hold the camera in the correct way to ensure capturing the desired images properly. She also discussed some definitions on the concept of configuration, which means the appropriate arrangement of elements within the picture . Noting that there are many configuration elements that contribute to the production of acceptable images during the photographic process, such as the rule of thirds, intermediation and curves.

In conclusion to the course, Al Hosani talked about  other topics  related to photography like colors ,clarity and depth. And at the end of the course participants expressed their admiration for the course and its content.  

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