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Ajman Chamber of Commerce and the British University Exploring Ways of Mutual Cooperation

Publish Date : 3/13/2011 12:00:00 AM

 Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry convened a meeting with the British University in Dubai to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the field of training and other areas of common interest. The meeting came after the signing of cooperation agreement between the parties and an update of a previous meeting took place between the parties, where they concluded a number of recommendations.
From the side of Ajman Chamber the meeting was attended by Mr. Nasser Al-Zafari , Assistant Director-General of Media and Corporate Communications; and Salem Al Suwaidi, director of the Center of Strategic Planning and Organizational Excellence and a number of directors of departments of the Chamber; while the British University was represented by Dr. Ashley Pennington, Dean of the College of Business; and his assistant, Mr. Martin Prince.
Mr. Nasser Al-Zafari welcomed the delegation of British university, where he reviewed the minutes of previous meeting. Mr. Al-Zafari explained the importance attached by the Chamber to the development of its staff stating that the Chamber hopes the British University should act as an important partner in this endeavor by providing training solutions to suit the needs of the Chamber and its staff. In this context, Dr Ashley expressed that the British University is ready to study the training needs of the members of the Chamber, and asked to identify groups of targeted work where and send the information to the University. It has been suggested Salem Al Suwaidi, Head of the Center of Excellence in the institutional and strategic planning, to organize a seminar for working groups and parties interested in the university training programs.
The Chamber also requested the British University to consider the preparation of a training program for high school students to teach them ways to prepare a business executive and the preparation of plan. In this regard it was agreed to put the Chamber initially envisioned for the program and identify the target group and provide the University with information about the number of trainees and the training venue and duration.
Mr. Nasser Al-Zafira welcomed the native students of the British University wishing to pass their period of training in the Chamber , and readiness to cooperate with the students in the preparation of their research projects, undergraduate and graduate. The Chamber agreed on the promotion of academic programs and events organized by the British University in buildings, as suggested by some university transfer programs, master's and put it in Ajman.
It was also agreed to exchange articles and Economic Research of the parties and published in newsletters, magazines and other media. It was also agreed to send from the Chamber to the university any information about versions of the Chamber and on time and be coordinated between the Department of Public Information in the Chamber and the university for the exchange of economic articles.
In addition, Al-Zafari explained that a number of the Chamber’s staff are well qualified   and they can give presentations or lectures to students of British University which would be the mutual benefit of students and staff together. Before the end of the meeting the parties agreed on the coordination between them to select another date to follow up the recommendations of this meeting .

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