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Ajman Chamber concludes the events of “Add life into your office “

Publish Date : 3/14/2010 12:00:00 AM

Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organized the event of  "Add life into your office" to coincide with the week of plantation , which was launched in the Country last week, which stemmed  out from the  keenness of Ajman Chamber to contribute to the of community in all areas.

Nasser Al Dhaffari ,Assistant Director General for Media and Corporate  Communication, stated that the Chamber has introduced a community service section to organize  community-based initiatives and contributions in various areas as mandatory of the Chamber  to work as  a responsible organization which  is keen to educate community groups, staff and members in environmental and health issues .

 The initiative, which lasted for two consecutive days aimed to educate community members and members of the Chamber, about the importance of the presence of green plants in the workplace because of their physical and psychological health benefits for workers.

Al-Dhaffari  stressed that the effectiveness of the event  "Add life into your office" have survived  a significant turnout of all visitors to the Chamber building and its branch in Ajman Municipality of the attendees  and the visitors were more than 200 seedlings were distributed to visitors of the Chamber  and its members and make them aware of the importance of Plantation and the spread of green plants in the workplace and its aesthetic and health impact and how they are preserved and taken into account .

A number of the Chamber staff visited a number of owners of companies and factories in the emirate to educate the same by the significance of the presence of these plants in the work environment and concluded with the distribution of seedlings and a number of publications on them.

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