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Publish Date : 2/10/2010 12:00:00 AM
Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry will during the last quarter of this year, organize “Ajman Economic Forum" which will survive the participation of speakers from different countries of the world where this forum will discuss the most important issues in the economic arena and will present solutions to businessmen and investors through the recommendations that will result from the forum.
 In this context, Nasser Al Dhaffari , the Assistant Director of Media and Public Relations stated  that this forum is part of the strategic plan of the Chamber, it's also a translation of the vision of the Chamber to be a distinguished gathering of businessmen and investors and a global economic interface of the Emirate, as this forum will be directed to put the most important issues of the economic arena by attracting speakers at a high professionals level from around the world to highlight the most important of these problems and try to put forth solutions that contribute to and enhance the economic activity not only locally but also worldwide .

Al Dhaffari, added that the chamber through its intention to organize such an event, stresses the importance of the role of the Chamber in supporting the business sector by assessing its problems and try to find solutions through international experts specialized in the economic sector.
From his part, Marwan Al Muhairi, director of the Department of Commerce and Industry in the Chamber said that this forum reflects that  the chamber was keen to develop activities that enhance the activity  of the economic sector in the emirate and the world in general, as this forum forms a significant addition to the various activities of the Chamber, which seeks to develop business in the emirate and the creation of all that is unique to the business.

Al Muhairi said that the idea of organizing this forum was not new but was one of the projects since  the Chamber developed  the draft Strategic Plan in the development of the chamber, which extended for three years, the development of some functions of the Chamber like the Chamber has  organized before the Businessmen  Forum, which developed into an economic forum in which it can discuss the business and global economic issues that affect directly on their works, which help entrepreneurs to grow their business and avoid the problems that may arise.

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