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Why To Invest in Ajman

Ajman Emirate enjoys many natural aspects and features making it one of the most important attraction spots in the region, and qualifying it to be an important hub for investments which can open new horizons in the world of economy, and provide significant investment opportunities.

Here are some of Ajman’s special features
  • Its strategic location among the UAE emirate, located between Dubai and Sharjah.
  • Availability of facilities and services such as telecommunications, power, and medical services.
  • The government’s care in providing the possible facilities to all investors boosting and enhancing their capabilities in carrying out their businesses successfully .
  • State-of-art infrastructure such as ports, roads, transport, and industrial zones.
  • A Free zone providing many facilities to investors .
  • Ajman port which provide facilities for imports and exports, maintains and vessels repair
  • National capitals are available
  • Financial incentives and transfer facilities are also available encouraging investment.
  • Raw materials of some industries are also available, with capabilities of mining.
  • Low cost of operation of many industries compared to other free zones in the world
  • Basic industries are available making it provide such raw materials required for some ready and semi-manufactured industries .